4 Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you own a business and are not using SMS marketing, then you could be missing a lot of potential customers. It’s one of the most effective ways to promote your services and products, but unfortunately, few people use it.

Communication is key to marketing. You can be offering the best products and services, but if you are not making this value known to your potential customers or clients, your hard work won’t pay off. SMS marketing is a direct, secure, reliable, and a quick way of reaching out to your customers through a device that they always carry in their pockets. 

Here are a few benefits of SMS marketing to help you realize its full potential;

1. SMS Marketing is Time-efficient

There are many ways of communication with your customers. Some of them like email marketing, are free, effective, and easy. But sitting down in front of your computer and writing an email may take time, especially when your internet is slow. You can save your time by sending bulk automated SMS messages and get instant responses from your customers.

2. Higher Open Rates

The problem with email marketing is that many people don’t open their emails, and many emails go to the spam or trash folder and get deleted automatically. But if you send a text message instead of an email, most people will read it within minutes of receiving it. According to statistics, about 99% of text messages are opened, and most of them read within the first three minutes of arrival. 

3. Higher conversion rates

A good marketing method should be able to convert as many potential customers as possible to actual customers. 

According to statistics, conversion rates for SMS marketing average on 8.22%, which is much higher than email marketing’s conversion rate, which averages 1.73%. The high success rate and affordability of SMS marketing make it one of the best marketing methods for increasing your ROI.

4. It Can Boost Your Other Marketing Channels

SMS marketing perfectly interacts with and boosts your other marketing channels such as website, email, and in-store visits. For instance, you can add a short hyperlink in a text message to direct the reader to your website. You can also send a simple SMS reminder to your customers, telling them to check their emails for important updates, which will increase the open rates of your email. 

SMS marketing is an effective and affordable way to promote your business. Visit textedly.com to learn more about our low cost SMS marketing services or get a quote.