College Consultants And How They Work

Knowing the proper steps to take to ensure that your children succeed in getting into a good school can be a tricky situation, as the recent college admissions scandal showed, the potential for corruption and misdeeds are still rampant within the American secondary education system. That being said however a college consultant, or coach can be a tremendous help with the college preparation process all while helping your student get into their top choice university. A more detailed look into the role of a college consultant shows that their primary job duties include:

  • Advising students on which high school classes to take, as well as recommending certain clubs or extracurricular activities that should enhance their chances of admission, the key to a successful college consultant however is an intimate knowledge of the Universities’ themselves and their admission practices, as well as extensive knowledge in regards to which schools have the best degree programs for x unit of study.

Many people use college consultants due to the lack of high school guidance/college counselors, there tends to be a very high students to counselor ratio and as a result it can be difficult for the guidance counselors to provide in depth help to individual students, they should however be able to point you in the direction of a solid college counselor. There is also the option of going out on your own and finding a college counselor, several notable educational consultant firms do in fact exist, Ivy Select helps students with high achievements gain admission into the prestigious Ivy League, as well as other top schools located in the US, UK, and Canada. Ivy Select’s website goes on to mention the fact that their staff conducts extensive research, and places a high level of understanding the specifics of the ivy’s as well as the other top 50 school’s in the United States.

Before signing your student up with any counselor, coach, or educational consultant it would be wise to look at the Independent Educational Consultant’s Association (ICEA), the ICEA has existed since the mid 70’s and claims to have over 2,000 members in almost 30 countries, the ICEA is the primary association of this kind in the world and it attempts to set the standard, and create the agenda for the entire educational consulting industry.

Despite the recent blow to the reputation of the educational consulting industry there are good college consultants out there that can help students reach their goals and achieve success.