Finding a Qualified Cremation Company

The cremation service is becoming more common these days and more people are choosing it over a burial. According to reports from the National Funeral Directors Association in the year 2035, 78.8 percent of Americans will choose cremation over traditional burial.

The cremation process is less expensive than a burial, saves space, and it is environmentally friendly. Many people are unaware that they can choose cremation and get a memorial or funeral service in a place like After taking a moment to evaluate all the options and choosing cremation, the next step is to choose the right cremation company. It is important to have this in consideration when finding and comparing cremation companies:

Which Type of Service you Need

You can either choose a funeral home like that provides full services for both cremation and demoralization. Go to a cremation society that has a specialist who will assist you with the planning. Another option is an online arrangement company where you can contact funeral directors and find lower prices.


When you are looking for a cremation company check if it is a member cremation association. Search the CANA directory and look for members of the association to ensure the cremation will be done by professionals using the best practices. Ask persons in that community what is their opinion on the company or look for reviews online. Visit the facility and make sure everything is clean, everything is organized and talk with the staff as well as funeral directors. Make your research to ensure you are making the right choice.


Although you shouldn’t make a choice just based on the price, it is a good option to compare the prices between different facilities because they can be quite different but offer the same services.

Ask All the Questions you Need

Ask for the licenses and permits, how often it is inspected, ask what are the details of the process, how long does the crematory hold the body before the cremation, if the body requires an identification prior to cremation, all the legal details and information about the paperwork, etc.

Some facilities allow family members to witness the cremation if this is important to you ask if they allow that.

It is important to find a crematory company that has your best interests in mind and provides a premium quality service. You should feel comfortable with their policies and working staff.